Keisha Chilufya Goes Independent After Her 2 Year Management Contract

Rising star Keisha Chilufya and her manager Abel Black today parted ways via social media posts on their personal profiles.

Picture: Keisha Chilufya and former manager, Abel Black

Keisha had been under Abel Black’s Xplode+ for the last two years releasing notable works like the singles Coronation, Epomuli, Make Me Whole and Eden as well as both of her Kwesi’s Daughter 1 and 2 EPs.

It’s been very common for managers and artists to part ways after either of them breaches their contract. But for these two parties it appears to be the mere elapsing of the term of their two year contract.

The two expressed appreciation for each other and wished each other the best.

We wonder why they didn’t just renew their contract. Nonetheless the less we’ll wait see what the future holds for Keisha Chilufya and Xplode+.


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