Not just long ago Mambwe was one of the headliners at the bittersweet beast mode poetry show where a set of poets battled out a motion stated (product of our environments) tackling dangers of drug abuse and premarital sex which was backed by the commissioner of drug enforcement to which he was on the opposing side alongside acts like Destro, Provelation and Oscar.

The show included acts with the likes of K-Star, Ludo, Seiraph and Francis Blaze and of course the host Kapembwa Wanjelani the founder of Bittersweet Poetry Zambia.

Mambwe also known as Tha Genius is undeniably a skilled uprising poet who really seems to have a bright future in the zambian artistry industry looking at the fact that with only a few appearances on the zambian poetry stages he has managed to convince not only his followers but the poetry lovers by bringing a whole new different vibe and touch to the poetry world that has landed him on a kingly table feasting with kings.

With only two official singles to his name namely, justified which features the
vocals of a soulful talented songbird named Dinah, produced by era black of studio4.

The song was well received by the masses and music lovers hence introduced Mambwe as a bemba soul though a bit fast christian rapper following his official second debut single which featured the amazing Keisha Chilufya and Mich with the production and mastering credit going to Era Black hosted by and

With only two singles as mentioned, Mambwe seems to be getting some attention.
And just last week he shared a 48 seconds video of him in the studio with Teazy Talent in the background which we still don’t know if he is working on a third Single or Mixtape who knows?!!
But in the mean time or we gotta do is chill and wait to be served by what the multi-talented genius is cooking.


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