Keisha Chilufya-“Coronation” Liyrics

(Chorus) Tryna find the God that’s inside of me I don’t really vibe with bad energy, yeah Tryna understand your analogy Don’t you mind me man I'm flexing...

Vanessa Chisakula – “Sex (Spoken Word)”

Written By:Vanessa Chisakula Performed By: Vanessa Chisakula SEX To do with my physical feelings sensual Overly sexual oriented erotic To an unreasonable extent extreme ‘Sex’ Loved and abused by many Misunderstood, disrespected...
Abel Black Lunga

Who Is Abel Black?

Abel Black Luninga is a music entrepreneur with experience in music marketing, PR, strategy, artist brand development, event management and content distribution. His interaction with...

UP NEXT: Is Mambwe The Next Big Thing?

Not just long ago Mambwe was one of the headliners at the bittersweet beast mode poetry show where a set of poets battled out...
Abel Black Lunga

How My Suicide Attempts Shaped My Perspective On Life-(Abel Black)

We are all born entitled. Inherently expecting to experience love from our parents and a conducive environment for growth. Who even has that?! Lucky...

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