Birth Names: Annastasia Sekeleti
Date Of Birth: 24th March,1996
Occupation: Gospel Singer, Worshiper & Vocalist
Record Label: Unsigned


Annastasia Christian was born on March 24th 1996 in the beautiful capital city of Zambia called Lusaka. She is the youngest out of a family of seven (7). She started her primary education in 2004 at Chaisa Primary School; she did her junior secondary at St Pauls School and finally graduated from secondary level at Highland Secondary in 2015. In July 2016 she was accepted to study BSc in Nursing at Lusaka Apex Medical University (LAMU). She grew up in a Christian home but she personally took a step to follow Christ for the rest of her life in 2012 and in the same year, she got baptised on 12th May.

Lights, Camera, Action

Music has always been a part of her life even when she was still young. She started singing in front of big audiences as a lead singer during children’s singing competition when she was 10 years old. Because of her burning desire to learn about God, she started attending youth services at the age of 12 and would still sing. She wanted to join the worship team but her mother would always say you are still young for this time will come. She would always feel sad seeing her elder brother and sister go for music concerts because her mum wouldn’t allow her to follow them. She was finally to join the worship team at the age of 16 years and for Annastasia, this was the beginning of something in her life. Asides from singing, she also started preaching when given a chance, prayed for people at church and also found herself giving motivational talks to her peers at school. Because these activities, she ended up having great influence among her peers and started developing qualities of being a leader.

Annastasia Christian is currently an upcoming artist with a vision of becoming one of the female gospel artists who will make great impact in the kingdom of GOD through music. She recorded her first song titled Twasumbula on 09.07.17 and her second song titled Amalumbo on 22.06.18. One of her greatest desire is to have concerts that will transform lives and lead people to Christ.

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